Draw with your face is a Hangout experiment and part of the Google+ Hangouts Hackathon.

music : max barbaria
actors : sybil prentice, Kaitlin Till-Landry.

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Welcome to Draw With Your Face, the fast-paced drawing and guessing game where your FACE is your PAINTBRUSH! Jump into a hangout with up to 9 friends, open up your mouth and say "AHHHHHHH" (the sound from your mic starts and stops your brushstrokes). You've got 2 minutes to get your friends to guess your word. The first player to correctly guess what you're drawing scores (and you do to)! Share your best drawings on Google+. Are you ready to draw like you've never drawn before? Click the big hangout button above to get started! If your friends are having trouble joining a game, make sure they have added the DRAW WITH YOUR FACE app. They can check by clicking the Apps tab in the lower left corner inside your Hangouts window. for the full inside scoop on this project be sure to checkout our development blog here!